Volkswagen Passat B6 Tips and Tricks


1: Pulling up and holding the driverside window button after getting out of the vehicle with the windows down will close all windows and sunroof. When you unlock the door, push down on the driver’s side window and all of the windows will roll down.
2: Hold down unlock on your key fob for more than 3 seconds and your windows will roll down, hold down lock and they will close
3: If your front wipers are on or activated while in auto sensing and you put your car into reverse, the rear wiper immediately wipes.
4: Stop your engine but leaving the key in, push down on your wiper stalk to access service function (So you are able to clean the windscreen properly or change the wiper blades) You cannot put the wipers in the service position when the bonnet is not shut properly.
5: When you have been using the wipers, and you turn off the car, the wipers will jolt, this is to rest the blade on it’s correct side to prolong the life of the blade.
6: If you reset the trip-meter, press the buton again while the screen is showing “0.0” and the old figure will be restored.
7: When the ABS is activated for more than 2 seconds the Hazards engage.
8: The Key Fob Key ring can be fully inserted into the Fob itself.
9: If Autohold is engaged, and you are stood more than 3 minutes, the Handbrake is automatically applied but does not show the driver.
10: Height of the front arm rest is adjustable to fit your angle.
11: Sunvizors extend when in the windows position.
12: There is an umbrella pocket in the drivers door which is also self draining.
13: Telescoping steering column, Reach and Rake
14: Electro-mechanical power steering. Doesn’t rob power from the engine and doesn’t use power steering fluid.
15: Put the passat in reverse and the fresh air intake valve closes and the air inside the car is recirculated. Prevents you from breathing your own exhaust.
16: When your windshield wipers are on, your brakes apply slightly “wiping” the discs every few minutes. Keeping your brakes dry and dirt free.
17: However much Fuel or Whatever Temperature of the engine, both needles will fall to 0 together.
18: Cupholder in rear armrest will not extend if the armrest is not fully down.
19: Manual is located in a drop down case in the Glovebox.
20: Doors relock if unlocked and not opened within 30 seconds.

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