VW Golf MK5 Tips and Tricks


These, in no particular order, may work on your golf mk5 depending on the spec. some may work on other models e.g. touareg

Remote Window Closure / Opening

After leaving the car, press the ‘lock’ on the remote, and keep it held down (on)….the windows and sunroof will close (only whilst you hold the remote button)

Conversely, pressing the ‘unlock’ on the remote, and keeping it held down will open the windows (but not sunroof)
Release the remote when they are at desired position!


Service due reminder

It’s all about the trpi-reset, button, with the ignition on, let the seatbelt alarm go off (if you’re not wearing it) preferably wear the seatbelt and within 2 seconds of turning the key to light up the ignition lights, (do not start engine) press and hold the trip-reset button. You will NOT lose the trip count – it’ll go to zero initially, show you the mileage to the next service interval, and the trip counter will go back to what it was.

The display resets back to the normal computer after about 30 secs.


Windscreen Wiper Access

The windscreen wipers are neatly tucked away when not in use for aerodynamics and safety.

To clean under them or change the blades is easy!

With the ignition key in ‘off’ position or removed, pull the wiper stalk down momentarily.
The wipers will wipe to 12 o’clock position and remain in that position.

After completing your task, simply repeat the wiper stalk action and the wipers will ‘park’ in the usual position.


2Zone Climate Control Synchronization

if you hold down the AUTO button for three seconds, it will synchronize the temperature setting on both sides of the car to match that of the drivers side. When ever the driver changes his temp setting it will also change it on the passenger side, until a passenger changes their side


2Zone Climate Control Degrees C to Degrees F

Pressing and holding the Auto and Econ Buttons at the same time will swap the temperature from oC to oF and Visa Versa


Passenger Door not unlocking

If you press the unlock button more than twice in quick succession the passenger door ONLY locks itself, unlocks on the fourth, locks on the fifth etc.

Its a software problem that hasnt been rectified yet but its nothing to worry about


Coming Home Lights

The headlights only stay on for the 30seconds or so if you have put just taken the key out of the ignition. If you dont want them to stay on when youve parked up then lock the car, unlock and lock again.

(Save that oh too familiar “you’ve left your lights on mate!”)


If you have the lux pack, and the dimming rearview mirrors:

To turn the dimming feature ‘off’ feel under the rearview mirror and push the little switch….the LED should extinguish and your mirrors will be clear

If you use the middle button to open the boot only then never lay your key inside as when you close the boot the car is fully locked with the alarm on.


press ECON and the UP ARROW button, the one that puts the air near the windscreen vents.

The left display and panel show the channel + subchannel. The large number is the main channel, with the little number top right being the sub channel.

The Left twisty bit changes the MAIN channel, the central twisty bit (fan speed) changes the sub channel. I dont think the right twisty bit does anything.

So far ive only worked out the following :

MAIN channel 19 has got engine RPM, engine SPEED (km/h). Ive only looked at it for a few minutes but i really wanna work it all out


A little RCD300 trick
If you hold down the MENU button whilst on FM or AM, until the radio emits a ‘boop’ the display will then alter to show a signal meter for the station you are listening to and some other useless bumf.

does any one know of any more features or furthe advances of those listed?

Also, various things can be reprogrammed depending on the type of onboard computer or if not by the dealership, e.g. the doors locking at 9mph or having the alarm beep when it is set.

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