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What is SEO?

Today am gonna tell you what exactly SEO is? How it work’s? and how to rank your website on the first page of google. So the question is that what the hell is SEO? SEO is basically is an art to rank your website on the top of the search engines no matter whatever the words you are trying to rank for word or keyword you are trying to rank for. If you have the site about tea for example and I want my site to rank on the top of the google every time someone searches for tea then I use SEO to get in there. SEO is extremely lucrative because google has so many searches every day if you do manage your site on the top of the google for a good niche then you can expect a flood of visitors every day. You will also get tons of traffic from social media.

what does SEO actually stand for? well SEO stands for search engine optimization which basically just means optimizing your site for the search engines so that they like it and gonna put your site at the top of their results. IF you think optimizing your site is very technical and hard or you have to be a developer …. I promise you it is actually not it is so simple and easy to do that. Just follow the steps below and I request you to don’t lose your patience.

SEO is not an easy job, it requires so much patience and time. Usually, it takes at least 2 months time to get good ranking on google. Actually, it is based upon how much time you spent. SEO is very important for a website because in my opinion people whom websites are not SEO optimized spent so much money in order to get some visitors on their sites, but it is not a proper solution. You must have to make your website SEO optimized to get visitors from organic search results. Here are some tips to make your website optimized.

Time sensitive


Create content that is time sensitive. What I mean by that write a content that gonna last for at least six months or a year or more. Because if you are not so good at SEO so your post takes a time to manage its self to rank first on google but as it manages it lost its worth because your content is not time sensitive. but if your content is time sensitive so that good you get hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Lets think if there is a news very popular nowadays and I know if I use that piece of news in my blog post and choose the right keywords then probably I get more hits as it is popular if it remains popular for two weeks so that’s good but unfortunately after some time period the news or story is gonna totally forgotten. So write time sensitive content be conscious in choosing a topic. My advice is to choose topic which last at least 6 months

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Website speed

Do you ever think that how fast your website actully is? I know the answer it is no. check your website speed by google page speed checker.Avoid flash based websites they are awful they look great but awful they load slowly. A visitor loses intrust if your website load slow and it is also a red flag for SEO. People generally doesn;t wait for a stupid website to load they are gonna click away. Stick to something that gonna load fast. The beautiful thing about WordPress that I love is WordPress because it gives you the opportunity to add such plugin that helps your website to load fast.Add tools like w3 cache or any other which help your site to load fast. If your site load fast so people are gonna stick to your site as well as it also boosts yours all over SEO.

For WordPress users install the following plugin in order to make your website fast

  • W3 super cache
  •  For image optimization
  • Wp optimize
  • Wp-minify


CloudFlare will actually boost your website load time statics. It is affiliated with most of the domain and hosting providers. It can be installed in two clicks in Cpanel. All you have to do is to change your website name servers to their nameservers. Now there is a free plan also available so that anyone can use their services. However if you have so money to invest on your site so there are various packages out there in CloudFlare go for anyone which fits your needs or if you just want a try so try a free plan.


Guest blogging

You wanna do some guest blogging now I know everyone isn’t gonna to be asked to do guest blogging. But unfortunately, I am a regular guest blogger because I have sort about experts in one of my niches. But that isn’t the case for everybody but here is the tip for you guys you don’t need to be an expert infect you can be just brand new to this whole internet marketing game and you can be a guest blogger there are no strict TOS for guest blogging.

Guest blogging will build up your reputation among people over the internet and they can scan how trustworthy you can be by you guest posts. This can drive a handsome amount of traffic to your site and sometimes you get a backlink from high PR and trustworthy sites and this results in getting top ranking in search engines. Because google knows if a high PR site is referring traffic to your site so your content is much enough valuable that they are referring. This will also build your PR.

Update your websites regularly

Regularly update your website content add at least 3 quality posts per week, which help search engine bots what site is all about and to know your website better. Obeying this tip will also make your readers get connected with you and this gives them something new to read. In this way, your readers don’t get bored. I’m not advising you to write content even if you don’t have some quality content. SEO is not based upon quantity it is all about quality.

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If you don’t update your site regularly so it will lose its worth in eyes of google it will crawl your site small. updating your content regularly also give an idea to google that your site is still alive and you have some sort of interest in it. If you don’t show you’re intrust to google then you will lose your ranking as algorithms change every day. which results in a decline in your ranking.


Link building

Backlink building is very necessary to rank higher on search engines. But the problem is that building quality backlinks is not a piece of cake it takes so much time. People go and buy links for their sites, but it is not a proper solution it may boost your ranking for a specific time period but as you stop paying so they remove your links and your ranking drops. If you are caught then you are gonna punish for this act because search engine bots hate buying links so I’ll suggest you to don’t do this. This punishment does de-index your site from search engine and this is not good for you in any case. I recommend you to build quality links by guest blogging, submitting your sites in directories and etc.

Link your new post to your old post it will give your older posts a new edge and also help them to rank higher. it is the trick that is used by all new to old bloggers to maintain their older post traffic. This will also help you that your readers don’t get out of your blog hehe :p not kidding. If you link your new blog post to a new one it will also give you a backlink from your own blog isn’t it wonderfull? try this it might help you out also to built link but a few more visitors.

Try to participate in forms it also helps you out to built quality links for your site. let me explain how you can build back link from forms. There is an option to add a signature in fourms place your site URL there it is an orphan page. an orphan page is a page which is not linked to any other page. Enable signature in all of your post then the orphan page will no longer be an orphan page because every time you participate in forms or like post it will link back to your profile page this how you orphan page changes into a good and strong does follow a link. how to check the link you built is a do follow link install moz bar to chrome and check that your link do follow or not

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Use article submission sites

This is an SEO practice that been used in building backlinks. If you use article submission sites so you are gonna build up authority because at least it provides a do follow backlink to your site which is gonna boost your ranking. The reason that bloggers and internet marketers write articles and submit to article submission site is to get traffic, popularity, and backlinks. Try to submit article to higher page rank article submission sites because it actually gives you high-quality backlink to your site which may also increase your website pr.below is the list of top 10 article submission site that you can use

  • Ezine Articles
  • Go Articles
  • Article Dashboard
  • Article city
  • Idea marketers
  • Search Wrap
  • Article based
  • iSnare
  • Article mark
  • Article Alley

Use Alt tag in images

If you are adding images to your site or blog without alt tag it is not a good SEO practice. Using alt tag in images will auto backlink your site because most of the bloggers don’t know that copy and pasting random images from search engines because that copyright also acts on images. If you are going to add some images on your blog so don’t go and select random images you have to buy rights for images in order to use them.

Think a good name for your alt tag in images tries to use your keyword in the alt tag of images. but don’t over-optimize it.

Meta description

Use meta description for each and every post is necessary for SEO. Meta tag for every post acts like a backbone for your SEO because adding meta tag for every post will help crawlers to know what exactly the post is all about. It will also help you to have a better ranking in organic search engine results.

For WordPress users as I am, use WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin in order to make meta description for your individual post. The new version of this plugin is not giving an option for adding the meta description use wp roll back plugin and downgrade SEO by Yoast plugin to v2.3.5 so it will give you the option to add meta description to each and every post.


At the end, I hope that these tips work for you to optimize your site SEO. These all SEO tips are my self-tested and also recommended by successful bloggers. If I have missed any of the points so leave a comment I’ll add up in my next update. If you have any queries regarding SEO so leave  a comment I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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