No Man’s Sky – FIX for video Card without OPENGL 4.5


If you’re using older video card that does not support opengl 4.5, you can’t run “No Man’s Sky”.

Lucky for you there is a fix for this problem.

You need a tool called GLIntercept.

  1. Download and install GLIntercept “x64” to programfiles
  2. Copy OpenGL32.dll from GLIntercept installation folder to the game binaries folder
  3. Download this config file for GLIntercept
  4. Extract the ini file in the archive downloaded to the binaries folder for the game
Please make sure that the installation path for GLIntercept is C:\Program Files\GLInterceptx64_1_3_3\ or change the ini manually to different location. Also make sure that the INI file extension is correct (not TXT or any other extension).

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