How to Increase Domain Authority Quickly

Domain authority and SEO future

Hi webmasters, domain authority is all about trust. If the user trusts your website then google will also.

Top 25 tips for increasing domain authority

Domain how to increase domain authority quickly.

Domain age

The very first factor which affects your domain authority is domain age. It is the fact the if the site is old so it will definitely have thousands of backlinks from different sources if the site is providing is service good in their relative niche

Domain History

Domain history is very important if the domain in past is used in spamming then it will have less authority.


In order to gain high domain authority you must have high quality, genuine, relevant do follow links are best.

Quality of links

when you are link building so keep in mind that the-the site linking back to you must me relevant to your niche. Because google today is capable enough to find that is that the link is relevant or not. The link should be genuine it’s a mean building many links in an instant is not recommended in any case. One more thing the link you get should have 2nd tire backlink its mean your link should have links backlinking to it so it looks natural. If not then your link will be obsolete very soon. The ratio of do follow and no follow link is another element which counts in giving and building domain authority. The page rank of a page rises.


Write Orignal content

User loves original content so they visit again. You content should not be copied and pasted from anywhere because google hates duplicity. To check your content whether it is duplicate or original use copy escape.

Write quality and useful content

Don’t try to break the ice, be to the point and write content relevant to the niche. If the content is useful so the user will definitely share it on social media platform and thus google will give you page rank. Actually, it is a chain that if your content is useful then user like it and love to share it with his friends.

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Content adding frequently

Frequently updating sites will have more domain authority because if you update your site regularly with new content then a user will love your site but be sure that what you write has quality. Daily updated sites rank high in google this gives us an idea that this is another strand.


While writing new content interlink the content with your old content present on your website having relative keywords or related to the new content it also reduce bounce rate and give you more readership. Nowadays interlinking is very common and it is also good for SEO practice that search engines bots will recrawl it again and again if your content is interlinked. It is also good from the user perspective that if there is interlinking in the content then there are more chances that user visits more pages. If a user visits more pages so not only you get low bounce rate but also earn good revenue.

Don’t add adult or offence content

Don’t add adult content because its violets some of the standards of googling your content will not appear in organic search results, either way, the user must be signed in to view your content. There are also so many factors due to which adult content is nor recommended.

User behaviour

Affected by site structure, ease of navigation, user friendliness, features which stand out of the competitors. How user finds your site, how many numbers of visits you get and the time they spent are considered while giving domain authority.

Bounce rate

how to increase domain authority quickly

Bounce rate is defined as how many pages does a visitors visits in a single visit and how much time it spent. The higher the number of pages and time spent the lower the bounce rate and vice-versa. The lower the bounce rate the higher the domain authority. The lower the bounce rate the higher you rank and lower bounce rate is the best. If the bounce rate is low that mean the user find it useful. If your bounce rate is high then it a red signal for you.

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Returning visitors

how to increase domain authority quickly

If you write great content then the visitor will convert into a returning visitors. If the number of returning visitors is increasing then you are on the right track. Returning visitors can be easily seen by using google analytics. It is very important to gain domain authority and if you have returning visitors then they recommend your site to others it is a fact.

Number of page views

how to increase domain authority quickly

The number of visitors you have the number of page views you generate the increase in a number of page views is also healthy for Adsense. The higher you rank on google the higher number of page view you get. Try to work on your SEO and make your content as sweet as honey so that everyone like it.

Time spent

how to increase domain authority quickly

Try to write something entrusting in the beginning so that it holds user to your site . Now again if you have something unique which had never told on the internet. Then the user may spend a couple of mins on your website.



how to increase domain authority quicklySpeed or loading time of a site is which really matters. Fast servers improve user experience, therefore, increase in domain authority.

More than 60% of websites are powered by WordPress and WordPress site owner have a common issue of speed


Frequent call errors are really bad and reduce domain authority.

100% uptime

A server which is always alive or serving will increase traffic thus, it will result in domain authority. Once again am saying that your host should be reliable to give you 100% uptime, therefore, I recommend you Inmotion hosting. Don’t go for cheap go for the best.

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If malware found on server domain authority will decrease dramatically. Add links to your site only from trusted source.


Try to avoid unnecessary redirects within your site or others. Avoid Popup and Popunder advertisement to earn revenue. It is a fact that a website having many redirections or having irritating ads get more bounce rate. The increase is bounce rate is not good SEO practice.

how to increase domain authority quickly. how to increase domain authority quickly.

Crawl errors and malware can be found in google webmaster tool. To check nad improve site speed google page speed insights is useful.

Social interaction how to increase domain authority quickly

how to increase domain authority quickly+1’s from google plus

+1 works like backlink more is the best but don’t spam using a bot or buy. 1’s since google can identify the genuine one and fake one so be careful.

Number of facebook shares

Facebook share also have a little but have worth because it is mentioned by majestic ah refs and others.

Social traffic and user behaviour

social traffic is tracked by webmasters to identify that wheater the site is trustable or not

Misc how to increase domain authority quickly


how to increase domain authority quicklyThe one which allows all search engine bots is the best. Use the default robort.txt file rather than to make changes in it. However, it’s up to you how you take advantage of robot.txt file.

Sitemap.xml how to increase domain authority quickly

how to increase domain authority quicklywell, structured sitemap improves domain authority. Use SEO by Yoast plugin to generate sitemap it both search engines and user-friendly. how to increase domain authority quickly.


There are many others who write and tell different methods to increase you DA. The point is that it requires patients and hard work to build a good DA. If you have and queries or questions so use the comment box to increase

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