How To Hack Any WiFi

Limitations For Using This Hack :
1)This Hack works on Wpa/Wpa2 – Wps Unlocked Networks only
2)Does not work on Costly Routers, So cannot hack all the wifi networks Available near you.

Many people asked me, is there any to hack wifi Wpa and Wpa2 through Windows, So Here is the article for Hacking Wifi Wpa/Wp2 Networks Through Windows also in Few minutes

4)Wpa/Wpa2 – WPS Networks Available with at least 8% signal

Links to Download the Required Software’s


JumpStart – Direct Download
Dumpper – Direct Download
Wincap – Direct Download

Download and Install all the Above Given Software’s one by one, even If a single software is missing out hack cannot be successful, be careful in downloading and installing these software’s.

Now Here I Start Our Tutorial on Hacking Wifi WPA/WAP2 – WPS Networks In Windows Using JumpStart And Dumpper

1)After Downloading and Installing all the Software’s Open Dumper (No need of Installing Dumper, whenever you want to hack open it )

2) Select your Network Adapter Now Click on “Scan”, There you can see all the available Wifi Networks
[Image: 2.PNG]
3)Now Move on to the “WPS” Tab
[Image: 3.PNG]
4)Select “All Networks”
[Image: 4.PNG]
5)Now Click on “Scan”
[Image: 5.PNG]
6)Select a Network That You Want Hack
[Image: 7.PNG]
7)Now Click On Start JumpStart
[Image: 8.PNG]
8)JumpStart Will Automatically Start The Process And Complete The Hack
9)Now The Hack is Completed, You are already connected to the network that you Hacked
[Image: 11.PNG]
[Image: 12.PNG]
10)Click on “Profiles” to see the Details and Passwords of the wifi Networks That You Hacked
[Image: 13.PNG]
11)Select a Network and There you can find the details and passwords of the networks that you hacked
[Image: 14.PNG]
[Image: 15.PNG]
12)There is another method to see the password of the network that you hacked
13)Right click on the Networks and select “Open Network and Sharing Center”
14)Now click on the “Connection: Network Name”

[Image: 17.PNG]
15)Then the Properties of the Connected Network Will Appear, Now select “Wireless Properties”
[Image: 18.PNG]
16)Now move to “Security” Tab
[Image: 19.PNG]
17)Mark On “Show Characters” and the Password of the Wifi Network is Shown
This is how a Wifi WPA/WPA2-WPS Network is hacked.
[Image: 20.PNG]

This is the Simplest Method ever that too in windows, till now I did not post wifi hacking through windows, this is my very first post on Wifi Hacking through Windows, all my other Wifi Hacking articles are hacking through Kali Linux

Here is the link to Check all my Wifi Hacking Methods In Kali Linux
Normally some of the wifi networks cannot be hacked through this method, this method has many limitations. So I want to show you all a very Perfect Easy way of hacking Wifi WPA/WPA2 – WPS (Locked And Unlocked). My Next Article Is on Hacking Wifi WPA/WPA2 So Don’t Miss It

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