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Predicting a Bosses’ Death

How to Predict a Bosses’ Death — Before you Fail —

This is a simple trick to predict a forthcoming bosses’ death.
When you click on a bosses’ zone, (5,10,15,20 etc), you can predict wether that boss will die in the time limit before you fail miserably to that boss. Its easy and a quick way to save some precious time that could be spent leveling heroes:
(I am using Illuminati bullet-points for this demonstration to show how MLG I am.)
▲Click on the Boss Zone
▲See how far and fast the health bar goes down, in corresponse to the time left:
If Half (or more) of the health has been deplenished before or directly at 15s left, you can kill him!
If Half of the bosses’ health is depleted within 15s, you can predict a miserable failure!

An Example of a Successful Defeat Prediction, this Boss will die without doubt
Notice how the Bosses’ health his already at %50 before the timer reaches 15s?


An Example of an Unsuccessful Defeat Prediction, this Boss will not die, thus failing the zone
Notice how the Bosses’ health has not reached at least %50 before the timer reaches 15s?


P.S. This Strategy won’t work for players playing an active build, because Luggernaut permanently increases your DPS.

Knowing When to Ascend

Ascending adds to a huge part of Clicker Heroes, it resets your game, buts awards you with Hero Souls for doing so, it is essential for a Clicker Heroes player to know.

When should you have to ascend?

In the beginning, you should start preparing for Ascension when you’re coming up to 12,000-14,000 hero levels which will give 6-7 Hero Souls (HS). This takes a day or two for some people when they first start, but it gets much easier with Hero Soul bonuses and ancients. When you can reach L140 in under 30 minutes, consider waiting a bit to ascend for the extra HS from bosses, but in general you want to play for 30-60 minutes then ascend.

If Octotentacle is Primal

If Octotentacle is Primal, make use of your skills and energize a useful high-damage skill such as Lucky Strikes. Be sure to make use of all of your skills to obtain the highest DPS you can, once killed, obtain the Gilded Hero.

Now it is time to Ascend. First, try to max your heroes as far as you can. Try and make a few heroes above LVL 2000. Doing this will reward you in Hero Souls. When you ascend, every 2000 Levels you have given a character will grant you 1 Hero Soul. Leveling multiple characters above 2000 will grant you with numerous, giving you an advantage later in the game.
Once you have levelled up your characters, go to Amenhotep and purchase the ASCENSION skill.


Once purchased, all of your heroes’ levels will be reset to 1, and all of your Hero Souls that have been gained will be added to your bank for later use.

Use Hotkeys!

Using hotkeys are essential to this game because of its mechanics. Clicker Heroes is all about clicking, but sometimes your finger can strain, this could prevent you from clicking furthermore!An alternative to having to click manually is obviously a website or program which you can assign hotkeys to. For instance, a great website to use is, you can assign a script that allows a certain key to be held so the clicks can be spammed. This can sometimes lag out your computer, but holding in short bursts can prove to help a lot, especially with Lucky Strikes activated.

Another thing to note: If you have a good enough keyboard/mouse/ect, you can create a macro. That is what I use, and I use the macro to click every game tick for about 5 seconds… i would go longer, but I use the macro for another game as well. -Pyroki

Or You could use GS Auto clicker, so you dont hafto press anything 😀 -lean

Using this Method, my Clicks per Second (CPS) is over 60cps!

An Example of my AutoHotkey script. All I have to do is hold Mouse 3 to unleash a clickstorm!

Clickable Tricks & Tips

Clickables are little pop-ups in the game that can be activated by clicking them, hence ‘clickables’. Clickables contain some little tricks that you can use to get rubys or jump a few levels when you ascend.

The Current Clickables:

These appear once per 5-10 minutes or less. You click on them once and they reward you with A large amount of gold + 1 or 2 Rubys. These are stationary and can appear in 6 spots on your screen.


These appear once per 10-15 minutes or less. You click on them 50 times to be rewarded with activating a random skill for no cost! These are flying and can be seen moving across the top of the screen, under the zone selector.

Skipping Levels with Clickables

Want to skip a few levels quickly when ascending? Use the stationary clickables to your advantage! Before ascending, wait until a stationary clickable pops up on the screen. As soon as you catch sight of it, scroll to Amenhotep and select his ASCENSION skill. Once ascended, click on the clickable and obtain your high-level standard gold. This currently only works as long as you own these ancients: Iris (to skip many levels so you get the max Iris-equivalent of gold from the fish), Khrysos (so bonus Gold is unlocked in the first place), and Fortuna/Mammon/Libertas (increases the Gold value of the fish).

July 2015 Patch – Relics!

Everyone wants relics. Relics are cool, new, and a way to tweak your playstyle. They can also dramatically increase your power if you stack them properly, so lets dive into the details.

How to Earn a Relic

Simply ascend and play the game. Relics can start dropping at L100, all the way up to two-thirds your max level (for example, your max is L1500, the highest level that can drop a relic is L1000). You can earn a max of 1/ascension, and the item level (ilvl) of the relic will be equal to the level it dropped on – 100, divided by 20… (lvl-100)/20 = ilvl.

The other way to earn a relic is to save 40 Rubies and cash them in at the Shop for +3 relics. This is very fast, but that is not the best use for your rubies honestly (unless you really need Forge Cores, but we’ll get to that in a minute).

How Many Relics Can I Have? What are they Worth?

Four usable, plus an infinite amount in the salvage section. In order to ascend, you need to salvage all of your extra relics, converting them to Forge Cores. Right now, Forge Cores don’t do anything, but I promise I’ll add a section when the next game patch comes.

Forge Core Values:
5.0 * ilvl = Commons
7.5 * ilvl = Uncommons
10.0 * ilvl = Rare
12.5 * ilvl = Epic
15.0 * ilvl = Fabled
?? Mythic
?? Legendary
?? Transcendent

Tips and Relic Strategies

Stack 1 or 2 stats that speed up your gameplay, or help you end-game. For example, stacking +4% Chance of Primal Bosses is nice, because before the Relic Patch the most you could have was a 50% chance of Primal Bosses if you owned the Ancient Atman (25% base +25% from the ancient). Now, if you own 4 relics that each give +4%, you can get to 66%. Another great stat to stack is -4% Hero Hiring and Level Cost. Because the Ancient Dogcog maxes at -50%, those relics are exponentially powerful the more you stack. For example, if you were able to get an extra -25% from relics, it would double your speed (because heroes would cost 1/2 the gold from your base -50% instead you would have -75%). Because of that, those are the 2 best stats to stack.

Relic Affix Rankings
-% Hero Hiring and Level Cost
+% Chance of Primal Bosses

+% 10x Gold
+% Chance of double rubies

+Duration of skills, max of 50 seconds (great for pushing to your highest Zone)
+% Primal Hero Souls (early on)
+% Gilded Bonus Damage (early on)

Everything else.

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