Audi A4 Tips and Tricks

Audi A4/Standbild

These tips are for Audi A4, but some of them may work on other models aswell.

Press and hold the menu button…. till you get to the Nav/ Radio or something menu and turn it all the way to zero and press the button again the system has been De-Bosed. Bass is louder

Window Pinch:
Press and hold the window up for 5 sec, press down instantly to open window all the way and hold for 5 seconds while its down and instantly close again and hold all the way to the top Pinch control is now learned!

Throttle Body Alignment:
put the key and put it into the position just before the starter turns (do not start the car) push the gas peddle all the way wait 3 seconds and turn the key all the way back but do not take it out, now release the gas peddle and wait 2 minutes! remove key than put it back in and start the car! you should notice a better response while pressing the gas do this once every few weeks!

Reversing passenger mirror fold down:
Put the control (on the driver door for your side view mirrors) onto the passenger mirror position put the car in reverse, window tilts down and shows you the curb! (this only works on some models like the 3.0 not sure of what year of 1.8t)

Storage underneath the steering wheel!

Storage under the driver and passenger seats!

Telescopic steering wheel on most models, the steering wheel has a little arm underneath push it downward and pull your wheel towards you or push away from you! Most models have this!!!

Turning the sunroof handle all the way and holding it there till the sunroof goes all the way back and tucks in even the last 2 inches and is completly inside the roof!

Push the sunroof handle upwards to tilt the window and open it only as a tilt!

Sun blocker above the rear view mirror!

Turn on and off the instrument display by pressing the reset button twice

Turn the key inside the driver door one way and hold all windows come down, and the other way all windows go up!

Climate control:
Holde the auto button on the driver side for 4 seconds and release now you can control both climate temps. with the driver side! to re do to normal position just press the passenger +,- to change back to dual change!

When the car is unlocked stick your hand where you usually open the trunk it will unlock and open automatically by pushing the handle underneath!

When you open the spare tire compartment the handle hooks directly onto your trunk and you dont have to hold it open!

turn on the radio and press and hold the menu for 5 secs and a bunch of options will appear you can switch in between them by pressing menu again!

Independent fog lights:
Switch the country setting to Canada using VAG-com!

Illuminated blinkers when the car is locked and off:
Ever parked in a dark place for a few minutes but scared that someone might not see your car? Press the blinker to the left or to the right depending what side you want illuminated and lock the car this will not drain the battery all that much but dont leave it on all the time useful for a few hours!!

Using VAG-COM you can program it so the windows go up and down with the remote lock unlock!

Using VAG-COM you can program so the car locks at 10mph!

To turn on fogs and lights at the same time turn the handdle all the way and than pull it towards you all the way out all lights should be on now!

when you spray the washer fluid and after 3 wipes the forth one kicks in after a few seconds to disable that fourth wipe while the first three are in progress press the handle downwards and the fourth one will cancel!

That is it for me guys Let me know if i Missed some I am sure I did cant think right now there are too many of them! GOOD LUCK!! and enjoy!! Happy holidays!!!

Behind the right rear (passenger side) break light there is a red tab, that unlocks the gas tank door if all power is disabled or the lock is broken

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