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Free Twitter Bot

In this guide I will show you how to setup and run a free twitter bot. This bot uses python library for twitter. It can automate several actions on Twitter, such as following users and liking tweets. All you need to do is just run few python scripts. Here’s step by step guide how to run it. 1. Go to and download...

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NBA 2K17: Trainer

Download and extract .zip file. Run it and then run nba2k17 game. While playing activate cheats by using hotkeys: F1 – Inf.Stamina F2 – Inf.Points F3 – Inf.UpgradePoints F4 – Super Stats F5 – Freeze Game Timer F6 – End Game Timer F7 – Reset Stats   Have fun.

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No Man’s Sky – FIX for video Card without OPENGL 4.5

If you’re using older video card that does not support opengl 4.5, you can’t run “No Man’s Sky”. Lucky for you there is a fix for this problem. You need a tool called GLIntercept. Download and install GLIntercept “x64” to programfiles Copy OpenGL32.dll from GLIntercept installation folder to the game binaries folder Download this config file for GLIntercept

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How To Hack Any WiFi

HOW TO HACK ANY WIFI Limitations For Using This Hack : 1)This Hack works on Wpa/Wpa2 – Wps Unlocked Networks only 2)Does not work on Costly Routers, So cannot hack all the wifi networks Available near you. Many people asked me, is there any to hack wifi Wpa and Wpa2 through Windows, So Here is the article for Hacking Wifi...


SEO Secrets to rank first on Google Top 10

What is SEO? Today am gonna tell you what exactly SEO is? How it work’s? and how to rank your website on the first page of google. So the question is that what the hell is SEO? SEO is basically is an art to rank your website on the top of the search engines no matter whatever the words you are...

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How to Increase Domain Authority Quickly

Domain authority and SEO future Hi webmasters, domain authority is all about trust. If the user trusts your website then google will also. Top 25 tips for increasing domain authority Domain how to increase domain authority quickly. Domain age The very first factor which affects your domain authority is domain age. It is the fact the if the site is...

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SEO – Basics and Importance

In this tutorial i will teach you some important aspects of SEO. It will be really helpful for everyone and i hope you learn from it Primitive Steps Before selecting a domain, you need to be clear with the idea of what you want to do with and what is unique in your idea. For this i will like to...

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HackSource Forums – Free Hacking Community

Are you new to internet marketing? Need to improve your website ranking? Or maybe Improve your social networking performance. Or maybe you’re just looking for nulled, cracked software? All that and much more is available for free at HackSource forums. Hacks, exploits, SEO optimization, coding, programing, gaming, content writing. Those are just a few of many other topic found at...

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How to improve autocorrect on iPhone and iPad

Improve autocorrect Even if you’ve never experienced a full-on, mortifying ‘Damn you, autocorrect!’ moment, you’ve probably still had irritations with the system on your iPad. We happen to think it’s quite good, but even if you opt to switch off the Predictive engine it’s still useful to know how to manage autocorrect. The first thing to remember is that you...

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Sky Q tips and tricks

  Here’s how to get the most out of your Sky Q box If you’ve recently got your new Sky Q box, you’re awaiting its arrival or you’ve not quite hit that buy button just yet then you’re probably seeking out the ways to make the most of a box we described in our Sky Q review as ‘the best...